OUR Content delivery network

NINACDN's CDN is a high-speed content delivery solution that brings your content closer to users, ensuring lightning-fast loading times and an exceptional user experience. It accelerates content delivery from your origin server to end users through strategically placed CDN nodes, reducing latency and optimizing performance


Creating a 24/7 live broadcast never been easier and cost-effective!

Upload Your Files

Before creating a 24/7 broadcast, you will have to upload the content you will be using to generate the feed.

Setup Playlist

Once you have uploaded your video collection, you can begin creating a playlist from the Playlist Manager section of your administration portal.

Yay! Done.

The Cloud Playout platform automatically generates air time and an embed code player for web pages including HLS URL for Mobile application and IPTV devices.


NINACDN is designed to provide a global reach, reliable performance, increased audience engagement, and valuable monetization opportunities. It enables broadcasters to deliver seamless content experiences to viewers while expanding their reach and revenue potential

Global reach

With servers in the USA and Europe, NINACDN ensures content delivery to audiences worldwide

Apps you love

We specialize in developing custom applications, including Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, and reach your audience across diverse devices

Security first

Fortify your content with our robust security system. Assign passwords to grant specific viewers access to your content

Tailor your broadcast schedule

Opt for one-time, weekly, or looped broadcast to align perfectly with your content strategy

Monetize your streams

Monetize your stream with our powerful tools. Set up paywalls and subscriptions for exclusive content access

Proven technology

Elevate your streaming capabilities with our cutting-edge technologies (RTMP, HLS, SRT)


At NinaCDN, we're at the forefront of the streaming industry, where innovation and simplicity converge. With years of experience under our belt, we've designed products that are not only highly efficient but also remarkably user-friendly. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to curate the most compelling and top-tier solutions available


Deliver content to a global audience, anytime, anywhere with our comprehensive Over-the-Top solution. Take advantage of cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to stay ahead in the streaming landscape


Transform Your TV Channel Dream into Reality: Effortlessly Launch and Manage Your Content with NinaCDN's Cloud TV Playout. Upload, Schedule, and Stream Live or Pre-recorded Content with Ease

FAST Channels

Expand your viewership and revenue potential with Free Ad-Supported Television. Monetize your content through tailored advertising and connect with a wide audience. Elevate your content strategy with FAST, the future of television

Streaming for the Houses of Worship

NINACDN provides churches with a streaming solution that requires minimal preparation. Once your dashboard is set up, your settings will remain the same for your next service. Our 24/7 chat support team is also available to address any questions you may have

Sports Events Streaming

Experience the thrill of sports like never before with NINACDN's sports streaming solutions. Whether you're a sports fan, team, or league, we offer a seamless, high-quality platform to engage your audience and elevate your game


Don’t take our word,. See what our experts says about us and our services.

NINACDN's Playout Solution is remarkably user-friendly. Scheduling programs is a breeze, and its intuitive interface makes it nearly foolproof from the customer's perspective

NINACDN's Roku TV, Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV apps offer an exceptionally intuitive user experience. They are designed for ease of use, ensuring that customers can effortlessly access their preferred content on various platforms

Customer support team provides exceptional assistance, making it easy for customers to navigate any challenges they may encounter. The support is both friendly and highly knowledgeable, ensuring a smooth experience for users

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